Monday, November 26, 2012


In thinking about what I want this blog to be about, a lot of things come to mind.  I love to write and I want a space where I can write about this journey to getting healthier.  I also want a place where I can have accountability and writing almost anything down helps me solidify something as more than just a passing whim.

I also know how hard it is to have life derail you and also how hard it is to get back on track.  I know that when the best laid plans are interrupted we as humans can develop some really unhealthy ways to cope.  It has taken me a long time to identify these coping mechanisms and I want to redirect that energy into something positive.  If people choose to read then they will know they aren't the only ones.  If people don't read, well that's OK too because writing it out is good for me.

I don't want this blog to turn into nothing but numbers.  Success is great but there is more than one way to measure it.  I'm a numbers girl by nature, by profession, and by preference but I also know that sometimes a number is just a number and then there are other times that numbers don't tell the full story or even the truth.

So numbers will always have their place in my goals but they won't be my focus.  How I feel, how I grow, and how I change are much more important to me at this point in my life.  Learning how to feel a full range of emotions and express what I feel as an adult have been really difficult things for me do.  So this blog is more about the feelings of health... physical, emotional, mental, and otherwise.

Where I am today:
  •  I'm in decent shape.  I've had some form of a workout routine for a year now.
  •  I still need to lose weight to be healthier.
  •  I'm a reformed perfectionist but I still struggle.
  •  Stress, depression and anxiety are re-occurring issues.
  •  Disordered eating is something I'm working to change.
  •  Living a healthy lifestyle as a family is important for me.
  •  Setting a good example for my daughter is a priority.
Where I want to go:
  •  I want to be healthy.  Emotionally and physically.
  •  I want be in good physical shape.
  •  I want to get into that shape without over-training, obsessing, or injury because of overuse.
  •  I want to resolve my eating issues.
  •  I want to develop better ways to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety.
  •  I want to have a healthy family.
  •  I want to be a good example for my daughter.
These are my goals.  All achievable with patience and persistence.

And lastly, I've never seen myself as much of a cook.  I have always been able to cook; it's just not been something I've loved to do.  But as I've been learning to cook healthier for my family there are things I'm learning and recipes that I'm making that I would love to share all in one place.  So no, this isn't a food blog but good food definitely has it's place when your ultimate goal is healthy.

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  1. I've followed your quilting blog for a while-ish and have now found you over here. I am SO proud of you (in the most supportive and not-condesending voice possible)!!! I will definitely be following you here. I KNOW you can do it!