Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trails & Life


It's been a busy few weeks around here!  I'm still running lots and I've added another weapon to my fitness arsenal: a bike.

Steve took up cycling and I started thinking that I could do that too.  I've been reading "Run Less, Run Faster" and one of the things they emphasize is cross training via bike, swimming, or rowing.

My bad shoulder is not very agreeable to swimming, we don't have a rowing machine, so the bike it is!


Plus it gives Chaney and me a chance to ride bikes together.


And witness this awesomeness...

Here's how my week looks:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Bike/weights {upper body & core}
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Bike/weights {lower body & core}
Friday - Run
Saturday - Bike on trails
Sunday - Long run


Saturday is actually optional but I went trail riding with Steve a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it!  It was a nice break from the monotony I can feel while running.  On the trails, you have to pay attention, think, and anticipate.

A few thoughts about trail riding... it's not easy, you can get hurt {my knee/leg are proof}, there is nature to contend with {snakes!} and you have to have a lot of trust in the person in front of you if they are leading.

And trust is a big one for me.  Because of things in the past, I'm not the most trusting person in the world.  But as I rode and followed Steve, I began to get more comfortable.  He didn't take me on trails that were too hard for me to make himself look better.  He looked out for me and helped me along the way.  He never got frustrated if I fell or slowed down.  Pretty much the exact opposite of what would have happened in my previous marriage.  As I realized these things, my nervousness about the experience began to melt away and that is a wonderful feeling.  Being with someone who wants to keep me safe makes trusting a whole lot easier.


So after my first trail experinence I knew I wanted to run on trails as well.  I found some Saucony Kinvara TR shoes at a great price and bought them.  I got to try them out while we were on vacation since the resort had a beautiful running trail.  It was a wonderful way to start each day!

Back to the shoes... they are great shoes!  They fit well and I don't feel every rock I step on.  I'm also going to wear them when I bike as I have no desire to clip in.  That just seems dangerous. ;)


As far as my regular running goes, I'm working on building a good base while adding some speed and hills into the mix.  My half marathon training officially starts on August 26th and I want to be ready to tackle that training plan.  Hopefully it will be slightly cooler by then too...

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