Thursday, December 20, 2012

21 days...

... makes a habit, right?  In my case I'm going with 21 workouts making a habit and I'm quickly approaching that mark!

Saturday will be my 15th 10K Runner workout and I am hooked.  Even on bad days I want to run.  I'm still following my training schedule for cross training, yoga, and strength training too. 

I haven't missed a run or a workout which makes me very proud of myself. :)  I'm up to running 18 minutes per workout with a 8 min max run so I'm gaining some confidence in myself as well.

So with my newfound confidence I've entered a few races:
  • Resolution 5K {1/12/13} - I'm running this one with my daughter.  She's 9 and has become interested in running!
  • Cowtown 10K {2/23/13} - this race will celebrate the completion of my 10K Runner program.
  • Portland RNR half {5/19/13} - this race will celebrate the completion of my 21K Runner program.
Ambitious?  Maybe a little.  But my goal with these races is to train well and within my ability and then finish each one strong.  I'm not ready to set any sort of time goals and I may not do that at all... we'll see.

Other than that, we just celebrated Chaney's 9th birthday, we are getting ready for Christmas, and I'm trying to close out my year at work which is always a super busy time.  So far, I'm proud that I haven't let the craziness of our schedules be an excuse for skipping workouts or eating poorly.

Anything running related that you want for Christmas??  I'm crossing my fingers for a Garmin or something similar to that. :)

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