Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The workout that doesn't go as planned...

I'm three weeks into my 10k Runner plan and I had one of those workouts this morning. 

The foot I had surgery on has developed a little bit of a tender spot where the repaired bone is and that worries me a little bit.  I used an anti-inflammatory cream, iced it last night, and I woke up this morning with my foot feeling pretty good.

Before hopping on the treadmill straight out of bed I stretched a little and then I started my 5 minute warm up walk. 

The first time I started to run (1.5 minutes) my legs felt like lead.  That and my shorts were falling down.  I slowed down when it was time to walk and tied my drawstrings tighter. 

My second running segment was 2.5 minutes and good grief my calves were tight!  When it was time to slow down and walk I had to hit pause to stop and stretch.  By this point I was not feeling like an overwhelming success even if my shorts weren't falling down.

I started walking again and then it was time to run for another 2.5 minutes.  The same tightness returned to my calves and the rest of the workout continued with much of the same.  By the end, I was running with no shorts on... j/k ;)

I made it through the whole thing but I didn't walk out of the house this morning feeling like I had accomplished much.  If I didn't know better and I was still trying to be a dumb and stubborn athlete, I would repeat the workout again this evening. 

But I know better.

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