Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm a schedule girl.  To be consistent at almost anything I have to have a schedule.  But consistency isn't the only thing a schedule does for me, it also keeps me honest.

Because I'm only running 3 days a week right now and I'm itching to run more, I decided I needed to come up with a schedule to keep me active and busy even when it's not a running day.  I also have a confession to make: I ran an extra day last week and I knew better and knew that I was straying from the 10K Runner plan but I did it anyways. 

Did I hurt myself?  Nah.  But I'm pretty sure there's a method to any workout plan and that I should stick with it.

So what you see above is what I came up with.  I have been an exercise DVD junkie for over a year and I've alternated between P90X and TurboFire.  P90X is heavy strength training and TurboFire is heavy cardio.  I've enjoyed both programs but I got tired of all the "noise" of those workouts.  I love the quiet of running without an instructor bouncing around with goofy music in the background.  Anyways... I digress.

I also discovered yoga last year so I'm including that as well.  Everything I read talks about flexibility and a properly aligned body and how they do wonders for runners.  And of course there are big benefits for emotional well being too...

And that brings me to my next topic of how I'm feeling emotionally:  pretty good.  After buying my new shoes the other night I told Steve that I wished I had never stopped running.  He quickly reminded me that my running stopped because I got pregnant, had an extremely high risk pregnancy and of course all the mess with my ex-husband and his wandering ways that led to our divorce.  Even then, I still wished I had never stopped or had at least picked it up again sooner.  But either way, I'm realizing how much I missed running and I'm so glad to slowly be working back into it. 

For that I am very thankful. 

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