Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolution Run 5K recap

Ufff.... I should probably consider a hat the next time it's rainy and 100% humidity ;)

This isn't going to be one of those fancy mile-by-mile/how I was feeling race reports because that really wasn't what I was focusing on with this race.  Chaney ran this one with me so I was more in "mom mode" than competitive-want-to-run-fast mode which is good place to be for me.

Mile 1 - 10:02 pace.  Not too bad.  And then Chaney needed to walk...

Mile 2 - 14:35 pace.  It was raining by this point and it was getting colder.  I tried explaining to Chaney that the more we ran, the faster we would be done.  Her response, "I like running in the rain!".  And then she started skipping.

Mile 3 - 16:55 pace.  By this point Chaney was noticing and commenting on people's shoes.  I knew we were offcially done at this point LOL!

.10 - I don't know... at this point I was holding Chaney's handing trying to encourage her to keep going while not looking like a crazy mother dragging her kid along the path.  I think I succeded.


We were soaking by the time we were finished but very proud as well!

Things learned...

According to Chaney, a 5K is a lot further than she thought. ;)

I learned how to slow down and enjoy the experience of my daughter's first race.  Time didn't matter; what mattered was helping her to have enough fun so that she would want to keep running.  I think we succeed there because yesterday she was asking about The Color Run and when we could do that race.  Success!!

The downside...

Running in the rain gave me a horrible blister on the ball of my left foot that runs along the scar from my foot surgery.  I got some great advice on treating blisters and it feels 100% better today. 

But because of that blister I started running funny and now I have plantar fasciitis flaring up in my right foot.  Yay.

Today is a rest day for me so other than some aggressive stretching, I'm taking it very easy.

The recap...

I felt great and I know I could have run the entire race with no issues which really helps my confidence and I move closer to my goal of a 10K.

Chaney fell a little more in love with running and is already looking out for our next race.

And the best part... we spent quality time together, we shared a fun experience of doing something healthy, and we learned not to quit and how good it feels to finish.

I'll take those accomplishments over a PR almost any day!


  1. Congratulations Jennifer and Chaney! the two of you are so, so inspiring!

  2. Oh, how wonderful you and Chaney did the 5k together! Congratulations!
    I remember my first race (with my husband) was in Hawaii in 1985 and it was so much fun! I did many races after that and it still thrilled me just like the first!

  3. Great job! That's wonderful that she wanted to do that race with you.

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun and I'm so excited that she has been bitten by the running bug. :)


  4. So proud of you both! You look amazing and I love your short hair!