Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Ten {complete}


When I look back to November when I decided to start running again, it feels like it's been a long time. 

But in reality that was only 10 weeks ago.

I have 4 weeks left in my 10K Runner plan and what looked like impossible lengths of time to run just a few months ago are now the runs I am enjoying and looking forward to.  This program really does work!

I know I'm not finished but I'm in the homestretch which makes me super excited.  I've made it 10 weeks without injury, no missed workouts, and most importantly I've gone from no running to being able to run for an hour.

I'm running the allotted time with no problems; it's hard at times but definitely not impossible. What I am lacking is speed.  I am sloooww!  Today marked 60 minutes of running which is the peak of the plan so the way I figure it, the next 4 weeks I can work a little on my speed and keep building my fitness base.
I run my first 10K on February 23rd {gulp} and I'm really nervous about that. 

So in these last 4 weeks my goals include:
  • increase my confidence
  • increase my fitness
  • increase my speed {safely}
  • improve my diet {I haven't been paying the best attention here}
  • cross-train more consistently
Tried out my new elliptical and watched to see what all the fuss is about. I'm hooked on this show after the first episode!

That last goal just got easier for two reasons... my thrift shop king neighbor found a brand new elliptical for $125 and thought of me and I just started watching Downton Abbey to see what the big deal was and my time on the elliptical flew by yesterday. :)  It really is a good show!


  1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to share on this blog and your quilting blog. I have followed your quilt blog for a while. You have now inspired me to follow my heart in wanting to become fit and feel physically better so that I can enjoy my young children. I have never been an athlete, and at almost 40 yrs old, I want to do this the right way, which I think slow and steady is best. I have gotten the 5k app and just completed W1 D1. how do you get the pic you have above from the app to your blog? If u can help, thanks so much.

    1. Hi Anna,

      I'm so happy for you and your new fitness routine!

      To get the picture from the app to my blog, I just take a picture of the screen from my iPhone. I hope that makes sense!

      Jennifer :)