Thursday, February 21, 2013

and then just as soon...

... as I post about posting about not being sick and missing workouts; I get a horrible sinus infection that likes to alternate between my sinuses and my chest making it stupid to breathe and run at the same time. 

So yeah, I got an upper respiratory infection and just as soon as I got over that I got a sinus infection.  Yay for winter and working in a bank!  Money is absolutely filthy and then you get these little tellers who touch that money and then touch everything else in the branch which makes everyone sick.  I wholly blame the tellers.

I have my 10K race this Saturday and I am super stressed about it.  Obviously I'm not as ready as I should be which makes me really frustrated because it's not like I skipped runs just because I wanted to.  I'm still going to run because I'm stubborn like that and I'll just gut my way through the last few miles that I know are going to be tough.  Oh well.

In other news, I have to go buy new running tights and shorts because when I run they are now falling down.  Not a good look... hence the absence of a picture in this post.  You're welcome.  But that's also exciting because that means that I'm losing weight!

I'm still sticking with my no-weighing myself rule and it's working really well for me.  I'm not obsessed with food, counting calories or balancing calories burned with calories taken in.  I'm just doing my best to be healthy and it's paying off. :)

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