Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just as soon...

fancy new hair!

... as I post about not missing any workouts, I get sick.  I should have known better! 

Last week I came down with an upper respiratory infection; probably from allergies that went south.  Thankfully it wasn't flu, strep or any of the other illnesses that are floating around work right now.

I knew better than to run while I was wheezing so other than some yoga, I didn't do anything until this past Saturday.  That was a rough workout!  I ran two miles and I was done.

Sunday I tried again and finished my 10K Runner workout and felt much better.  I was doing my best not to freak out about missing workouts and then I remembered that I had an extra week between 10K Runner ending and my first 10K.  Thank goodness for that extra week!

It's interesting though, even just missing a week's worth of activity, I started to feel that familiar cloud creeping into the corner of my eyes.  If you've ever struggled with depression then you probably know that cloud that I'm talking about.  If you haven't... well, I promise that I'm not crazy. ;) 

So I was more than relieved to get back to my normal routine and for more than just the reason of not wanting to completely suck at my upcoming 10K.  I've always been a believer in exercise but seeing what it has done for my emotional health makes it that much more important to me... and probably to everyone around me as well.

I'm on the "downhill" slope of my 10K Runner plan.  My longest runs {time-wise} are done and now I'm doing intervals and then the final stretch of working towards running a solid 65 minutes straight.  I'm actually excited about that because I am beginning to hate stopping to walk when the program says to.

On a completely and mostly unrelated note, I got my hair cut yesterday.  I went with a pixie cut that is working surprisingly well with my thick curls.  I don't even have to blow dry it which makes me very happy!

Less time drying and styling = more time running and quilting. :)


  1. I've beenworking out regularly on our elliptical and can't believe the difference in my mood, so I totally agree with you on what fitness does for our mental health. I suffer from anxiety and panic on occasion and it helps. Would love to see your new haircut!!

  2. I need to see this pixie... I am itching to cut my hair!

    1. I added a picture to the post! I'm still loving it and I know you would look great with it!