Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chi Running and other random thoughts...

2 quick miles on the treadmill before dinner. I'm really liking this Chi Running technique... book is by Danny Dreyer. #motherrunner #chirunning

I started reading Chi Running by Danny Dreyer about a week ago.  I'd seen references made to the book and I was curious.  It turns out that it's a very interesting and helpful book.  Especially for those of us who are not naturally gifted runners. 

The short story is that the running form and technique is very similar to some of the Kenyan and Ethiopian runners who win almost all the big races.  They run very efficiently and a book that teaches that piqued my interest... especially the part about reducing running injuries.

In the 6-7 months since I've started running again I've remained virtually injury free other than the odd pains, cramps, and soreness.  I'm pretty sure some of that can be attributed to starting off with a run/walk program.  So now that I'm running my miles, I feel like I need all the help I can get to stay injury free.  My next half isn't until November so I figure this gives me a decent amount of time to continue to build my base mileage, speed, and work on my form.

So far, I don't have a ton to say about Chi running other than the fact that I like it and it makes sense to me.  Time will tell how it works for me as I practice it more.

I tried a pair of Saucony Kinvaras with a negative heel drop and initially they seemed great but now they aren't agreeing with me.  So I've stocked up on my favorites... Mizuno Wave Rider 15's and these three pairs should last me awhile.  I'll still think about rotating the Kinvaras in to see if I can get used to them but only in short distances after 6 miles this past Sunday left me with ridiculously sore calves.

On running... it's nice not training for anything specific.  It seems to take the pressure off of wanting to have every run go perfectly because they aren't all going to be perfect: case in point, my HM in May.

And I'll be honest, that half really hit my self confidence.  I pretended that I was OK with the outcome but it still really bothered me to have worked so hard only to have leg cramps hinder me.  But that's the thing about running; nothing is ever perfect and for those of us who are perfectionists, that can be difficult.

Perfectionism is something I think about all the time.  I want to do everything perfectly.  I don't like that about myself and it's a constant struggle for me.  So maybe running is a good idea for me because nothing comes easy when you are starting from scratch and nothing is perfect.  I don't like that I'm still a slow runner... that's certainly not perfect.  But instead of hating that about my athletic self, I'm working on embracing it and using it as a challenge and a way to measure improvements from my hard work.

I'm not good at doing this all the time but it is something I am more mindful of...

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  1. I read Chi running a few years ago. Great book & a lot of it makes sense. Some runs I do just so I can concentrate on my form.