Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It's ridiculous how fast you can develop an obsession with running clothes, shoes, and gear when you run! 

I stumbled across Ellie several month ago when I read about them on another blog.  Instantly, I really love their concept.  You join for free and you get two pieces {tights, top, shorts, skirt, tank, etc...} each month for $50 + free shipping.  You can mix and match any way that you would like.  Most pieces retail for more than $50 per item so I love getting such a great deal.

This month I got this awesome skirt and top.

Everything is high quality and the designs are very unique.  The skirt is typically $54.95 and the tank is typically $44.95.  So $99.90 worth of clothes for $50.00.  Score!

I not crazy about paying full price for something I'm going to sweat in even if I know I'm getting good quality so this is concept is perfect for me.  I've picked up a lot of staples for my running wardrobe through Ellie so I just had to share.  I figure it's my duty to enable other runners and their shopping habits... ;)

So go take a look!  As you can see, they also have a pretty cool loyalty program which is another awesome perk!

Enabling over. ;)


  1. Ugh! My wallet can't handle this and fabric problem!!! :o)

  2. Yeah... sorry about that! But the way I figure it, saving money on running clothes gives you more money to spend on fabric. Win/win, right??

    Jennifer :)